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We live in rural Norfolk in what I consider to be my own little piece of heaven, quite close to the small market town of Aylsham.
Cats have been a part of my life for many years and I started breeding and showing Siamese in the 1970's.
I have always loved the agouti coat patterns and the Ocicat fulfills everything that I could wish for in a cat. The truly 'wild' look, combined with agility, intelligence, personality and a willingness to interact with humans to keep us entertained! They have won my heart and I am now a committed Ocicat breeder striving to achieve the utmost in health, type and temperament

I invite you to browse through the pages and meet some of my animals,
also if you would like to be considered for one of my Ocicat kittens, I would love to hear from you.



Ben, Yesso Barnato  is now  IMPERIAL GRAND CHAMPION YESSO BARNATO and I believe that he is the first entire male Ocicat to achieve this wonderful award.  He had to win five Imperial Grand certificates under five different judges to win this title.  So very big thanks to all the judges who considered him worthy.

Ben has decided that he really enjoys going to cat shows as everyone makes such a fuss of him and tells him how beautiful he is.  He has all the wonderful qualities of the Ocicat, stunning looks and temperament, and wants the world to know it!

At the Notts. and Derby Cat Club Show on 21st January, 2012, Ben also won the Best of Breed Adult, the Best of Variety and the Best in Show Foreign.

I am very proud of him but most of all love him for being such a wonderful companion.

Dotty is now a Champion.  CHAMPION YESSO DOTTY PAGETT.

Dotty is the litter sister to Ben (above).

My lovely chocolate silver stud Mickey is now Champion Yesso Mithrandir as he won his third challenge certificate at the Notts. and Derby Cat Club Show on 21 January, 2012.

Well done Mickey.

My lovely young blue girl Aalspotz Dream of Delight has won her first Challenge Cetificate and is now taking 'time out' until she has had her first litter of kittens.  She will visit some more show when her kittens have left home.  'Blue' has been mated to Ben and her babies are due towards the end of March.


ocicat kittens

Adorable Ocicat kittens

Rita Leggett


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skipper our blue stud boy

Skipper our lovely blue Ocicat boy

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