Maggie cinnamon ocicat

Maggie my Cinnamon spotted Ocicat

Thickthorn Goldenmimosa

I have to thank Naomi Johnson for allowing Maggie to come and live with me as the foundation queen for my Ocicat breeding. Maggie was re-homed to me, as she had developed a personality clash with a couple of the other cats she was living with!

Maggie had already had four litters of kittens and had proved herself to be a very good mother. She is very affectionate and intelligent, and passes these qualities on to her kittens.

Maggie has now retired from breeding.


Weeny, Maggie's lovely daughter.

Yesso Clementine

Weeny is the lovely cinnamon daughter from Maggie (now retired) and Skipper, she is staying with us to continue the cinnamon line.

She is a very sweet girl, and full of affection.  Weeny commands attention and gets involved with what I am doing at every opportunity! She is a firm favourite with the grandchildren and all visitors.

Weeny has now been neutered as I have kept her beautiful daughter Ch.Yesso Dotty Pagett AND her son Gr.Ch.Yesso Barnato.  They have the most amazing personalities and have both done well on the show bench.  Weeny has done me proud


Mojo chocolate ocicat

Mojo my lovely little chocolate Ocicat

Copernicus Creme de Menthe

Mojo is my lovely chocolate Ocicat with the truly 'wild' look.  She is sweet and gentle by nature and loves nothing better than to creep into my bed and sleep with me.

Mojo has now been neutered. 

Delphi my chocolate Ocicat girl

Champion Thickthorn Delphinium

Delphi is my lovely chocolate Ocicat, she has enjoyed a succesful show career to date. She has now been neutered.


Missy my young chocolate silver Ocicat

Yesso Miss Marples

Personal fitness trainer to Delphi. Missy is like quicksilver - fast, agile and as slippery as silk. She is constantly trying to set new lap records in competition with Delphi and Skipper.

I had not planned to keep Missy but she has won her way into my heart. She is a true 'free spirit' and has many endearing qualities.  Missy has had some beautiful kittens and she has now been neutered.


Dilly our lovely Tawny Ocicat

Thickthorn Dilly Demerara

Dilly has a fantastic temperament and is very intelligent.  She can open windows and doors and is constantly trying to escape to explore outdoors.  Dilly's dream is now fulfilled as she has been neutered and can now freely come and go as she wishes.


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